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Development Insights: QA the Averia Way

Oct 18, 2022
Development Insights: QA the Averia Way

The Averia team is obsessed with quality. During development, to ensure that one of the most complex and crucial components of every Averia Collar—the assembled circuit boards (PCBA)—were up to our standard for quality, we created an awesome tool. In this article we’d like to show you what it is and how it works.

Averia Collar uses two PCBAs containing over 120 combined electronic components, including a CPU, WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular modem, battery charge gauge, and more. There’s a lot going on in such a small piece of technology, so it’s vitally important that each PCBA is thoroughly tested for Quality Assurance (QA).

Testing each board manually would typically be pretty time consuming—one batch could take several weeks—so we engineered tooling specifically for the Averia Collar. This tooling allows us to test each PCBA to ensure all components are securely in place, well soldered, supply voltages and current consumption are within acceptable limits, firmware is updated, and the board functions as intended. With this nifty tool, our team could perform all of the above steps in under five minutes per board!

Our new tooling works by placing a PCBA into the center of the device where electrical parameters, firmware upgrades, and functional units are immediately tested.


Next, hardware is checked and test radio signals are sent to the device’s receiver.

If the PCBAs pass all of these tests, they’re placed into an assembled Averia Collar hub and battery and one last series of Quality Assurance tests are performed to ensure proper functionality. When the final check is complete, units are set aside for shipment to lucky dogs all over the world!

At Averia, a little ingenuity goes a long way in helping us know that each and every Averia Collar performs up to our incredibly high standards. Now we’re extremely excited to see how Averia Collar exceeds your expectations.

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