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How It Works

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Core Functions

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Location Monitoring
Always know your pet’s location.
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Activity Tracking
Record walking, running, resting, and calories burned.
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Share your pet with the people you trust.
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Technologies Powering the Averia Collar

Depending on the status, the Collar uses 3 different data transmission channels:

BLE 4.2

BLE 4.2 is set as the highest priority data transmission channel since it is the most modern and economical. It is used to synchronize data (current Collar mode, charge level, and location) and to update the firmware. For BLE 4.2 to work, you must connect to a phone with the Averia app installed and logged in to the correct account.


  • Does not require a subscription plan.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous device connections.
  • If multiple phones are connected to a Collar and one loses connection, the Collar can automatically reconnect to a phone with internet connection.

2.4 GHz WiFi B/G/N

WiFi is the optimal way to synchronize data and update firmware when inside a Safe Zone. When connected to WiFi, the Collar can automatically perform its functions without a phone or BLE connection present. Using WiFi also replaces the need to use the Collar’s modem, helping conserve battery life. For this to work, set up your Safe Zone WiFi access points using the Averia app. The Safe Zone WiFi access channel is prioritized below BLE since battery consumption is slightly higher.


  • Does not require a subscription plan.
  • Automatically lists available networks in descending order of signal strength. Works seamlessly with mesh networks.
  • The Collar only supports 2.4GHz B/G/N WiFi and not 5GHz. It will automatically detect and connect to a 2.4GHz bandwidth on any dual-band router.
  • Does not support HT40 (channel bandwidth 40MHz).

Modem (LTE-M/2G - Global)

Used when the Collar is in Alarm status to send the current location and status of the pet, in addition to updating GPS assistant data, Safe Zones, and activating various modes. Has the lowest priority due to high battery consumption.


  • Requires a subscription plan.
  • Embedded KORE SIM; see list of supported countries and providers in the link.
  • Works on LTE-M and 2G networks.
Status BLE WiFi Modem
Safe zone
Off Leash
Energy Saving
dog network

Determining Location

2 technologies are used in determining Collar location:


Used in all modes for things like establishing a Safe Zone, getting location points during a walk, or requesting the pet’s coordinates in Energy Saving mode.


  • Does not require a subscription plan to work.
  • Supports GPS/ GLONASS/ GALILEO/ BEIDOU (GLONASS and BEIDOU, and GALILEO and BEIDOU, cannot be used simultaneously).


An assistive technology that scans WiFi and cell towers and uses WiFi, BLE, and cellular networks to transfer lost location data in case of missing coordinates.

Use Cases

  • In conditions of poor GPS reception, when it is not possible to receive coordinates at a given time (e.g., inside a building, subway, etc.).
  • To quickly determine location in Energy Saving mode.

The approximate location is determined by using cell towers and surrounding WiFi points. If utilized, these points may be reflected in a completed walk.

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Digital Leash via Bluetooth

The Collar uses BLE technology to determine whether the user's smartphone is nearby. As long as a BLE signal is detected, the Collar can detect that the owner is nearby and this connection functions like an invisible leash.

The BLE Digital Leash works in the background similarly to fitness bracelets and smartwatches and has a range of 190-330 feet. BLE technology is energy efficient and significantly reduces battery consumption compared to cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Most competitor devices will continually operate using cellular and GPS, which is very energy-consuming. With Averia Collar's, when your dog is next to you (the owner), all energy-intensive technologies (like cellular and GPS) are turned off, and the work is performed by your phone instead.

Battery Savings Features for the Digital Leash

If the owner or one of the shared users is near:

  • The Collar sends data only to the phone.
  • The Collar will use the phone’s GPS and not its own built-in GPS.
  • All information and data is sent to the server via the phone instead of the Collar.

If location sharing is not enabled on a connected phone, the Collar will use its built-in GPS.

3 smartphones, including the owner’s phone, can be connected to the Collar simultaneously using BLE.

Conversely, up to 5 Collars can connect to one phone (this number may be lower if the phone has any energy-saving modes enabled).

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Share your dog with people you trust by simply choosing an access level and entering their email.

Access Levels

Family Member (Limited Co-owner)

Family members can view your pet’s location and all of their activity, walks, statuses, and Safe Zones. They can also set activity goals, add the pet to their own Safe Zones, and activate Lost and Energy Saving modes.


Friends have more restricted access than a Family member. They can still see the pet’s location, activity, and add them to their own Safe Zones. However, pet status as well as Lost and Energy Saving modes are only available when with the pet, and activity goals cannot be set. Friends can only see Walk information for walks they participated in.

Dog Walker

A Dog Walker has “need-to-know” access. They are able to see the location and activate Lost and Energy Saving modes when with the pet. Walks and Activity are solely visible for the walks they participated in.

Existing users will receive a push notification for the invitation to share a pet. New users will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation and download the app.


Until the invite is accepted, the invitee will have a status of Stranger. They will only see what the inviter has allowed—not all detailed information will be available to them.

Change Access Level Anytime

At any point, the owner can unshare a pet or update access levels to a shared pet.

share pet

Share your dog with others based on the level of access you want them to have.

Privacy Settings

Choose whether you want to show your walks to trusted Friends and Dog Walkers you’ve shared your pet with.

privacy settings

Collar Statuses

Our server analyzes information received from all devices paired with the Collar and automatically updates the Collar's status when conditions change.

Safe Zone

Create a Safe Zone to designate an area where you know your pet will be safe and can roam unsupervised. For example, your home, a relative’s home, and areas of your yard are all common choices for Safe Zones.

You can set up a Safe Zone three ways:

  • Location: Enter the address of the Safe Zone and adjust the perimeter points to specify a boundary.
  • WiFi: Connect the Collar to a WiFi network in the Safe Zone.
  • Averia Beacon: Set up new Averia Beacons or use existing ones to configure and expand your Safe Zone or use them as specific points of interest within a Safe Zone. Averia Beacons are sold separately and not included with the Averia Collar.
safe zone

Simply drag your finger to adjust the Safe Zone size. Manage all your Safe Zones in just a few taps.

Each pet can have up to 10 Safe Zones. Each Safe Zone can have up to 3 WiFi points and 3 Averia Beacons. In total, you can add 10 WiFi points and 20 Beacons across all 10 Safe Zones.

The Collar’s firmware will be automatically updated when it’s in a WiFi-connected Safe Zone and has at least a 10% charge.

If the WiFi signal is lost (for example, when changing the password or router settings), you will see a notification in the application.

You can see the following information about the Averia Beacon in the app:

  • Model
  • Charge level and approximate remaining operating time
  • Timestamp of the last communication with the Collar

You can adjust the range of the Beacons to better understand your dog's interests.

For example, know how often your pet visits their food or water bowl by placing a Beacon next to your pet’s water bowl and setting the Beacon's radius to its minimum. In a small room, you can set a medium radius. For a Beacon located in your yard, try starting with a wider radius of 30 feet.

safe zone

View individual Beacon info like battery charge, change your Beacon's radius, and more.

Battery Savings Features in Safe Zones

  • If your dog is inactive for more than a minute (sleeping/resting), the Collar will automatically go into Sleep status.
  • Walks are not recorded within Safe Zones.
  • Data is sent once every 12 minutes via WiFi/cellular network, and once every 20 seconds via BLE.

When the dog leaves the Safe Zone:

  • The Collar will automatically switch to Walk status if it is in the range of the Digital Leash.
  • If the Digital Leash connection is lost, the Collar will go into Alarm status, and a notification is sent to the owner and anyone the pet is shared with.

IMPORTANT: In order to track the location of your pet, you will need to sign up for an Averia subscription plan.


This status is activated whenever you or a shared user:

  • Leave a Safe Zone with the pet.
  • AND have the Averia app running.
  • AND a Bluetooth connection to the Collar is established.

If the Collar does not re-establish a BLE connection with the user’s phone within 20 seconds, it will automatically switch to Alarm status.

This may happen if:

  • The user has turned off Bluetooth on their phone.
  • The user’s phone is more than 190-330 feet from the Collar.
  • There are BLE signal obstructions (buildings, walls, power lines, elevation changes, etc.)

Battery Savings Features in Walk Status

  • By allowing access to your phone’s location services, we will use your phone’s GPS to determine location and record the walks.
  • Data is transferred between Collar and phone via BLE instead of the cellular network.


Alarm status alerts you when the following important events occur:

  • A pet has left the Safe Zone unaccompanied.
  • If upon being turned on the Collar cannot determine its current location.
  • If there is no BLE connection between the phone and Collar for 30 minutes in Off Leash mode.
  • When there is no BLE connection between the phone and Collar for 20 seconds in Walk status.

If Alarm status is enabled during an adventure, Averia Collar's position is recorded every ten seconds, then updated in the Averia Collar app every three minutes. To make it easier to find your pet in a city or densely populated area, the address closest to the pet’s current location is displayed on the app’s dashboard.

IMPORTANT: In order to track the location of your pet, you will need to sign up for an Averia subscription.

Battery Savings Features in Alarm Status

  • Walk data is not uploaded to the app, it is recorded and stored locally on the Collar.
  • If no activity is detected from the Collar for 15 minutes, it goes into Sleep status and updates its location every 4 hours.


Offline status is automatically displayed if there is no information received about the Collar’s current status. In this case, the user is immediately notified.

Offline status activates when:

  • The battery is discharged or removed from the Collar.
  • Poor network conditions under which the Collar cannot establish communication and gradually discharges.

The time it takes Offline status to display depends on which status the Collar was in prior to losing communication.

Status Time to Offline
Safe Zone 8 hours
Walk 3 hours
Alarm 8 hours
Updating 20 min
Off Leash 3 hours
Lost 2 hours
Energy Saving 16 hours

By clicking on the Collar button on your Dashboard in the Averia app, you’ll be able to see detailed information about:

  • Date and time of last communication with the Collar.
  • Most recent communication channel: BLE, WiFi, or cellular network.
  • Most recent source of location data: GPS (Safe Zone, WiFi, BLE Beacon), Phone (App), or LBS (WiFi, cell tower).
  • The state the Collar went offline in: charge level, critical breakdowns, or any other reason for going offline.
about collar

Easily view detailed Collar information like network status, location, battery charge, and firmware version.


This status displays when your device is in the process of updating its firmware to ensure it is performing optimally and has access to all of the latest features.

  • This status is only accessible within Safe Zones and when the battery is above 10%.
  • Updating takes no more than 3-5 minutes.
  • The Collar also syncs all data during the update process.
  • You will receive a notification whenever the Collar is updating, and you’ll see a light indication on the battery (shifting between red, blue, and green).

The update/version history can be viewed in the Firmware section of your app, in the Collar menu.


Collar Modes

Easily switch to one of Averia Collar's alternate modes to get the most out of the Collar in any environment. Select Off Leash mode when your dog needs room to roam, Lost mode for emergencies, or Energy Saving mode for battery efficiency.

Off Leash

Turn this mode on if you are walking your dog off leash and don’t want the Collar to trigger Alarm status. Note that the Collar can still go into Alarm status if there is no BLE connection between the Collar and phone for 30 minutes.

Off Leash mode is less energy efficient for the following reasons:

  • The Collar’s cellular network is used to transmit data.
  • The Collar’s GPS coordinates are used (instead of your phone’s) to ensure you know the exact location of your pet.

IMPORTANT: In order to track the location of your pet, you will need to sign up for an Averia subscription plan.


Activate Lost mode if your pet gets lost. Everyone your pet is shared with will also receive a notification, helping expedite your search and bring your pet home safely.

This mode can be manually toggled by:

  • You or any Family members you shared the pet with.
  • Friends or Dog Walkers, if they were with the pet at the time it was lost.

In Lost mode, the Collar’s location will update every 15 seconds, allowing you to find your pet as quickly as possible. A glowing red light will appear on the Collar to help you or other people find your pet at night.

IMPORTANT: In order to track the location of your pet, you will need to sign up for an Averia subscription plan.

Battery Savings Features in Lost Mode

Lost mode is extremely energy efficient because it’s important for us to keep the battery alive as long as possible so you can track your dog's location in real time and find them quickly.

  • If there is no activity, the Collar goes into Sleep status.
  • Averia Collar will send only the most critical data (e.g., location and battery life) every 15 seconds.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving mode provides the highest degree of battery efficiency, and can be used when:

  • You’ve received a notification that the Collar went into Alarm status and you’re not yet sure whether to turn on Lost mode.
  • You’ve allowed your dog to run freely in an open area and need to know its approximate location.

You can also passively monitor your pet’s location by pressing the «Update Coordinates» button in the app.

IMPORTANT: In Energy Saving mode the Collar does not automatically update to other modes. In other words, you will not receive Alarm notifications.

There are only 2 ways to turn off Energy Saving mode:

  • Manually deactivate it.
  • Turn on Lost mode.

In Energy Saving mode, the Collar is online only when the pet is moving. Otherwise, the Collar defaults to Sleep status.

Coordinates are sent automatically every 8 hours, or at any time upon your request.


Real-time Pet Tracking

Walks start recording the moment you leave a Safe Zone and end when you reenter one. They can be recorded in Off Leash and Lost modes, or when Alarm and Walk statuses are active, but not in Energy Saving mode.

During a walk, your pet’s recent location is shown on the Dashboard (including in Energy Saving mode) and displays the pet’s movement during the walk as a series of dots. They are shown regardless of the Collar's status or whether the user's phone is nearby.

The final recorded walk can be accessed in the Walks section of the app.

recorder track

Track walks in progress (left) and once completed (right).

Recorded Walks are grouped and stored in chronological order, and include the following information:

  • Location.
  • Activity, including time spent running, steps taken, rest time, calories burned, duration, and distance traveled.
  • Weather.
  • Participants (up to 5 shared users can participate in a walk).

You can also:

  • Share a walk with friends (via social channels).
  • Leave a note about the walk.
  • Delete walks.

When there is activity, the pet’s location is updated every three seconds. Every 20 seconds, the pet’s location is stored in the Collar’s non-volatile memory to ensure that data is retained even after battery change.

The Collar uses several sources to determine location with priority given to the source with the fastest update frequency and greatest battery savings:

  • Phone (BLE) update period: three seconds.
  • GPS (MT3333) update period: three seconds.
  • LBS (WiFi and cell towers via third-party services):
    • WiFi update period: 30 seconds (the minimum time between scanning a WiFi area—slightly longer update time in favor of energy savings).
    • Cellular tower update period: 10 minutes.

Joint Walks

Joint walks are automatically created whenever you walk with someone whom your pet is shared with.

joint walks

Activity Tracking

The Collar uses a proprietary pedometer algorithm adapted for dogs. With the help of the Collar’s accelerometer, your dog's activity can be accurately recorded into 3 parts: walking, running, and resting.

activity tracking

View detailed activity data from walks and time spent in Safe Zones.

During a walk, the Collar collects various data that allows us to accurately measure your dog’s gait. Our algorithm also takes into account the physical condition of your dog, which changes with age.

We also developed a proprietary calorie counting algorithm that takes into account your dog’s breed, age, weight, and daily activity.



Optimize the performance and operating time of your Collar by enabling the following features:


Required to connect to the Collar, transfer data, and enable Walk status. Having Bluetooth enabled can increase your battery life by 2x, or up to 6x if turned on with Location Services.

Location Services

Saves the Collar battery by using your phone to transmit accurate location coordinates and data. It is also used to get a list of WiFi networks. Enabling both Location Services and Bluetooth can increase your battery life up to 6x.


Allows data received from the Collar to be synced and displayed on the phone in real time. We recommend keeping the Internet on so you never miss any important events or notifications.

Safe Zone

Creating a Safe Zone helps determine the start/finish point of your walks, and allows us to send you the correct notifications about your pet’s safe status.

Adding a WiFi network to your Safe Zone will increase Collar battery life by 4x and reduce false alarms.


In order for us to notify you about important events regarding your pet, devices, subscriptions, or invitations, it is recommended that you enable notifications from Averia.

SIM Activation and Subscription

We automatically activate the embedded SIM card once you have created your pet’s profile and linked it to the Collar. Once the SIM card is activated, you must select a subscription plan to fully utilize its functions like location monitoring.


Averia app will recommend settings and walk you through setup.

If any of the above connectivity features are disabled, Averia app will alert you in the following ways:

  • One or more icons will appear at the top-center of your map screen indicating which connectivity feature needs attention (reference the icons above for corresponding features). Tapping an icon will take you to the Connectivity screen where you can resolve or enable the disabled feature(s). If there are more than 5 features that need your attention, the connectivity icon will be displayed.
  • You will also see a red circle next to the Connectivity button in your pet dashboard, indicating there are items that may need your attention.

App Permissions

We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible, so we will only request access to app permissions when strictly necessary in order to provide you with the best experience possible.

The following sections explain why we ask you for access to specific permissions.


Granting us permission to send you notifications is necessary to keep you updated on important events and the safety of your pet. We will not use this to send you promotional messages—only alerts that matter to you. You can choose to receive notifications in the form of push messages and/or emails.


Toggle the notifications that matter to you.


BLE is one of the main technologies used to transmit data quickly and efficiently between the Collar and a user's phone.

In the presence of a stable signal, it allows you to:

  • Enable the Digital Leash during a walk and ensure your pet’s Collar is not in an Alarm status.
  • Save battery and sync less often by transferring data directly to your phone without using the Collar’s built-in GPS and cellular network.
  • Connect with the Collar and other Averia devices like Beacons and Flashlight.


Access is necessary in order to:

  • See your location on the map, relative to the location of your pet.
  • Save battery—if your dog is within range of BLE, the phone’s location is used to establish the pet's location in the app.
  • Register inside a Safe Zone faster. As soon as your phone connects to the WiFi signal of a Safe Zone, it sends the name of the network to the Collar. The Collar searches for that network in its storage and tries to connect if it finds a match. This process allows the Collar to enter a Safe Zone faster since the Collar usually scans for WiFi networks once every 2.5 minutes, which could cause a delay in connection.

Allow location services to enable all of Averia's awesome features.

For iOS users, allowing access to Location and Bluetooth is required for the app to properly run in the background and not fall asleep. With access to these permissions and the help of BLE Regions technology, your app will automatically wake up when you get close to the Collar. Although BLE Regions are enabled by default on your phone, you can confirm it’s enabled by going to Location Services settings for the app and checking if the Precise Location option is enabled.

The Averia app should run in the background to synchronize Collar data so that you are always aware of what is happening with your pet.

On iOS, when the app is moved from an active state, a status bar will appear at the top of your screen, indicating that the application is using your location in the background. Periodically, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to continue allowing Averia to use your location. We recommend always granting access for the reasons mentioned above.

Camera Access

This will only be requested in the event that you want to add a profile picture for your account, or to scan your credit card for in-app subscription payment.

Access to Files

Needed only when you want to select a photo from your gallery to be used as your profile picture.

sim activation


Hot-swap Battery

For your convenience, you can easily change the battery on the go without removing the Collar from your dog.

When the battery is removed, the device turns off completely, and our powerful capacitor will store time and GPS data for 1 hour.

Although some data loss could occur if the battery is temporarily out, there won’t be any breaks in your walk.

Charging Your Battery

The battery takes about 2.5 hours to charge through its waterproof, universal, USB Type-C port. You can use the light indicator on the battery to determine the current charge status.

Status Color Effect
Charging yellow, slowly flashing
Charging complete green, constant glow
Error (temperature overheating or too cold, high/low voltage) blue, constant glow

If the battery temperature is below 32°F or above 113°F, the charging process may be interrupted. This state will be indicated by the blue light on the battery.

Monitoring the Battery in the App

You can check the current charge level of your Collar battery in the Averia app.

monitoring battery

Averia app can help you make sure your battery stays active.

If there are any problems with the battery, including major internal errors or poor connection due to dust, dirt, or water, a Collar icon will appear at the top-center of your map screen in the Averia app. Tapping it will take you to the About Collar screen where you can view and resolve any issues. You will receive daily in-app reminders until issues are resolved.


Light Status Guide

The lights on the Collar will notify you of any changes in the Collar's status, battery charge, or device pairing. Here are the important light statuses you may encounter:

Status Pattern Effect
Battery with 15% charge inserted ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Three red flashes, repeated five times
Connected to phone via Bluetooth •• Two blue flashes
Wake Up (turned on after more than 3 hours in a different location than where it was turned off) ••••• Five yellow flashes
Lost Mode ••••• Red blinking
Pet profile not connected to Collar ••••• Pink blinking
Paired with phone (usually during setup/onboarding) ••••• Blue blinking
Wake up from sleep / power on / reboot (Charge level above 15%) •• Two green flashes
Wake up from sleep / power on / reboot (Charge level is below 15%) •• Two red flashes
Updating Three successive flashes: one red, one green, one blue

* Note: the Collar will not work if you insert another battery with less than 15% charge. If you do not have a charged battery with you, simply leave the current battery in the Collar—it will work until it runs out completely.

**The Collar remembers which battery was used earlier, so it can continue working even if that battery's charge is below 15%

Battery Life

The Collar battery can last up to 30 days on a single charge, depending on conditions and usage. Some examples of estimated battery lifetime based on various Collar statuses (results may vary):

  • up to 33 days in a Safe Zone with a connected WiFi network.
  • up to 25 days in Energy Saving mode.
  • up to 22 days in a Safe Zone without a connected WiFi network.
  • up to 12 days doing 2.5-3 hour walks per day with the Collar in Walk status, and the rest of the day in a Safe Zone (with a connected WiFi network).
  • up to 2 days in Alarm status.
  • up to 1.5 days in Lost mode.

More information about this can be found in our FAQ section.


Account Settings

Account Deletion

You can delete your account in the app. To do this, go to your Profile -> Account Settings and select Delete Account, then swipe right to permanently delete your account.

WARNING: By deleting your account, your payment information as well as all pet data and history will be permanently deleted. All Averia devices will be unpaired and your subscription terminated.

If you want to reconnect to the Collar after deleting your account, you will have to re-enter all data and re-pair all devices.

delete account

Every part of Averia is straightforward and simple—even account deletion.

Updating your Email

You can update your email address in Account Settings within your Averia app.

Enter your updated email address to receive an email with a confirmation code*. Enter the confirmation code in the Averia app, then you have successfully updated your email and should now use your updated address to log in.

*Until the confirmation code is entered into the Averia app, you can cancel the process of updating your email.

  1. Core Functions
  2. Technologies Powering the Averia Collar
  3. Determining Location
  4. Digital Leash via Bluetooth
  5. Sharing
  6. Collar Statuses
  7. Collar Modes
  8. Real-time Pet Tracking
  9. Activity Tracking
  10. Connectivity
  11. Battery
  12. Account Settings