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Averia Collar

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For $8.25/mo., you get access to all Averia features, collar modes, and coverage in over 150 countries.

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Set and Track Activity Goals

  • Set activity goals based on your pet’s age, weight, and breed.
  • Track valuable information like walking, running, distance traveled, steps taken, rest time, and calories burned.
  • Use your pet’s activity history to track progress, determine appropriate food portions, set new goals, and more.

Location Monitoring

  • Track as many pets as you’d like from the Averia app. Pet walks and activity history are neatly organized and easily searchable.
  • Monitor who they’re with and where they go in real time using GPS, 2G, and LTE-M coverage supported in 150+ countries.
  • Averia Collar’s advanced tracking is accurate enough to determine when your pet is on foot or in a moving vehicle.
  • Set family, friends, or dog walkers as trusted users so you can keep an eye on your dog’s location even when you’re not around.
pet tracking

Safe Zones

  • Safe Zones are custom virtual fences that allow your pet more space to relax and roam in a spot you designate as a trusted area.
  • If your pet leaves a Safe Zone, a notification is immediately sent to let you know.
  • Choose which notifications to receive and whether you’ll get them via the Averia Collar app, email, text, or all of the above.
safe zone

Lost Mode

  • If your dog gets lost or runs away, activate Lost Mode to help you find them faster and preserve their Averia Collar's battery life.
  • Lost Mode alerts are sent to anyone your pet is shared with, so you can work together to find your pet as quickly as possible.
lost mode


  • Waterproof rated IP67 for up to three feet.
  • Easily swap batteries without removing the collar.
  • Strap made from durable and washable multi-layer polyester and connects to any leash.
  • Choose from three strap colors to match your pet’s personality, or use your own strap up to 1” wide.
  • Lithium-polymer battery provides continuous power even in extreme temperatures.
  • Accurately record walks even without cell service or a nearby phone.
  • Reports accurate weather, temperature and humidity.
Technical specs
Battery Life: up to 30 days
Weight: 100 grams or 3.52oz
Waterproof: IP67 - up to 3 feet
Shock Resistant
Usable Temperatures: -22°F - 115°F (-30°C - 45°C)
Technology: Accelerometer, GPS, WiFi (compatible with dual-band routers), Bluetooth, Mediatek based controller, LTE - M and 2G Cellular networks
System requirements: Free app for iOS 12 or later or Android 5.0 or later
What's Included: Averia Collar (consists of hub, battery, case, and strap), 3ft USB-C charging cable, Quick Start Guide
Warrantly: 90-day return policу, 1 year warranty
Capacity: 500 mAH
Battery life: up to 30 days
Colors: Red, Black, Green
Material: Silicone
Length: S - 12-16", M - 16-20", L - 17-24"
Thickness: 1/8"
Width: 1"
Colors: Red, Black, green
Material: Polyester