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We've filed for an array of utility and design patents in several countries, and we keep a running list here so anyone can see what makes Averia unique.

Safe Zones

Set up a virtual fence for your dog to roam—at home, at the park, or anywhere else. If your pet leaves that zone, you’ll be instantly notified.

Safe Zone boundaries can be created manually on a map, using WiFi area coverage, or with Averia Beacons. Trusted users you’ve shared your pet with can add your pet to their existing Safe Zones, so whether your dog gets lost or likes to take their own adventures, you’ll always know where they’re at.

Worry Less with Fewer False Alarms

Other smart collars are prone to false alarms, leaving you no way to know when an alert is serious. We optimized our algorithms to ensure we drastically reduce the number of false alarms you receive. You can also customize your notifications so you only receive alerts that matter most to you.

Lost Mode

Activate this mode if your pet gets lost, and everyone your pet is shared with will receive a notification, helping spread the word and expedite your search.

In Lost mode, the Collar’s location will update every 15 seconds, allowing you to find your pet as quickly as possible.

Your Companion’s App

The Averia app can be used even without Averia Collar. In this case, walks and other location data will be recorded on your phone. Note that without a paired Collar, you will not receive accurate activity data nor monitor the location of your pet.