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A Cunning Dog, a Kind Hero, and a Lesson Learned

Oct 17, 2022
A Cunning Dog, a Kind Hero, and a Lesson Learned

We develop Averia Collar in an office where several stray dogs used to roam nearby, but have since been adopted by our team and become part of our family. The dogs have a safe and healthy environment to live in, and they also love helping us test Averia Collars in real-life conditions!

Three years ago, when Averia Collar’s development was in its beginning stages, one of the Averia dogs named Jackie ran away. We searched long and hard for Jackie, but it started getting dark out, the roads were icy, and we were having trouble. We immediately took to social media and made a post asking others to join the search, notify others, and help bring Jackie home.

The next morning, the phone rang—a dog fitting Jackie’s description had been seen at the train station! We rushed to the station to see the dog, but quickly realized it wasn’t our Jackie. Still, we remained optimistic.


A few hours later, a woman named Olga called. She was standing next to a dog, and as she described it, it sounded an awful lot like Jackie, so we decided to travel nearly 2.5 miles to see if Olga had found our pup.

Olga waited patiently for our arrival (despite having live fish from the store in her bag!) and even had to chase down the dog after it tried to keep running. When we finally arrived, we instantly knew—Olga had found Jackie! We were reunited and it felt so good. We’ll forever be grateful for Olga.

Losing a dog is both frightening and heartbreaking. As you fight back your worries, the worst possible outcomes flood your thoughts, and emotions make finding your pal even more difficult. Our experience with Jackie solidified the importance of Averia Collar’s reliability in worst-case scenarios. If your dog runs off or gets lost, the only way to maintain peace of mind is to have a clear path to bringing your pet home.

That’s why Averia Collar is built with robust features for lost dogs. As soon as your dog leaves a Safe Zone unattended (or if you manually turn on Lost Mode), the Averia app will immediately notify you and any shared users. Your Averia Collar instantly gets to work updating its location and prolonging battery life until you’re reunited with your best friend.

If your dog’s no stranger to escaping the yard or likes to take an occasional solo adventure, Averia Collar will help you find them ASAP and bring them home safely. It’s the most useful feature we hope you’ll never have to use.

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