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Track Multiple Dogs at the Same Time with Smart Map

May 05, 2023
Track Multiple Dogs at the Same Time with Smart Map

When tracking your dog’s location is a matter of safety, the last thing you need is a frustrating user experience. We often hear from pet owners that the tracking app they use makes it difficult to clearly and quickly see exactly where their dog is. That’s why we designed the Averia Collar app to make tracking your dog simple no matter how far away they are.

The Averia Collar app's smart map is designed to keep both you and your dog in view at all times. This means that if your dog happens to stray away from you, you can quickly locate them on the map and make your way towards them. The map will always show your dog's location, ensuring you never lose sight of them.

Other dog tracking apps can be frustrating to use, especially if you have more than one dog. With the Averia Collar app, you can track all your dogs on one screen, without the need to switch between different dog profiles. This makes it easy to ensure your furry friends are never too far from sight.

The Averia Collar app’s smart map also automatically adjusts the level of detail shown depending on your proximity to your dog. As you get closer to your dog, the map will show more detail, making it easier for you to locate your pet quickly.

The Averia Collar app’s convenience is just one of the many reasons Averia Collar is a game-changer for dog owners.

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