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Matching Averia Collar’s Colors

Apr 21, 2023
Matching Averia Collar’s Colors

We’ve worked hard to make sure Averia Collar strikes the perfect balance between fashion and function, and in this article, we’ll tell you more about how we brought vibrant colors to our beloved device.

We started with color selection. A sleek black is standard, but we wanted customers to have choices to showcase their pup’s style, so we added green and red to the mix—two strong colors fit for bold adventures and even bolder personalities.

Averia Collar has both a woven polyester strap and a silicone case, and getting colors to match between different fabrics was no small feat. More specifically, the polyester strap’s color has to match the color of its threading and the color of the silicone case. After sending desired color samples off to the factory, the production manager assured us the color of the fabric could differ by a maximum of 5%, a difference virtually undetectable by the human eye. When we received the first product samples, we were amazed by the color match between the strap, threading, and case. Achieving a perfect color match on two different materials is challenging due to how light bounces off varying shapes and textures, but we managed to get it right.

As the cherry on top, to make sure Averia Collar’s color lasts, we chose UV-resistant components and redesigned specific tension points. This makes it so Averia Collar’s colors won’t fade in the sun and are highly resistant to wear and tear. Your best friend can wrestle in the sun, mud, rain, or snow and still come home with an Averia Collar as colorful as the day you unpackaged it.

You can preorder Averia Collar in black, green or red today! What color should we release next? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or via email at!

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