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Jamming detection

Apr 07, 2023
Jamming detection

Thanks to smart collars like Averia Collar, keeping track of our pets has become easier than ever. But what happens when the GPS signal is jammed and reliability falters? This is exactly why Averia Collar can detect signal jamming and notify you of its presence.

Averia Collar is designed to detect both intentional and unintentional GPS signal jamming. Intentional jamming occurs when someone uses specialized equipment to deliberately block a GPS signal or replace GPS coordinates with fake ones (spoofing). Unintentional interference happens when other electronic device signals unintentionally impede your own devices’ signals. This is much more common than intentional interference.

Interference often occurs near certain areas like airports, cell phone base stations, and military bases, which can affect the normal operation of GPS receivers. When Averia Collar detects interference, its built-in receiver immediately notifies the collar owner. This way, Averia Collar users have an important heads-up as to why location accuracy may feel like it’s performing worse in certain areas.

No device is completely protected from interference, and just because manufacturers aren’t telling you about it doesn’t mean it’s not present. We choose to detect and notify users about signal jamming to communicate openly and help improve the Averia Collar experience.

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