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A Closer Look at Averia Beacon

Mar 07, 2023
A Closer Look at Averia Beacon

Averia Beacon is a small but mighty device that takes your Averia Collar to the next level with incredibly specific insights about your dog. In this post, we’ll detail your options and why you might be missing out if you haven’t already reserved one.

Get precise. Really precise.

Averia Beacons help you get ultra-precise location information. For example, without a beacon, you can check the Averia Collar app to see that your dog is at home. However, by placing an Averia Beacon inside your home, you can see exactly which room they’re in and use that insight to learn about your dog’s behavior. See whether they’re getting into trouble, learn how often they visit their water bowl, or figure out their favorite spot to snooze. Averia Beacons let you understand your pup’s habits even when you’re not around.


Expand Safe Zones

Set an Averia Beacon near the edge of an existing Safe Zone to expand its area. This gives your dog more room to roam and lets you never have to worry about whether your Safe Zone’s doing its job. Averia Beacons are also waterproof rated IP53, so whether they’re out in the rain or next to the sink, they’ll keep delivering unique insights.

Boost your signal and your battery

Averia Beacons use Bluetooth to help boost location accuracy. Set one where your WiFi has trouble reaching to make sure your Averia Collar stays connected. That way your pup’s Averia Collar can run even longer without needing to recharge.


Learn what your dog can’t tell you

The more Averia Beacons you have, the more you can do! Get in tune with your dog’s behavior, maximize their freedom, and boost their Averia Collar’s battery by adding beacons to your setup today.

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