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Development Insights: Certification

Nov 22, 2022
Development Insights: Certification

Following completion of the device design, electronics, and field testing, we had one important step left: certification.

The set of certificates required is determined by the type of electronic device (whether it has built-in radio modules, batteries, enclosure/housing material etc.), its purpose (wearable device, industrial, medical, etc.), the country or state in which it will be sold, and any requirements of cellular service providers, if applicable.

Averia Collar is a high-tech device with multiple telecommunication modules, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE/2G, GPS, and a removable Li-Pol battery. So, we had to meet a lot of regulatory standards in order to prove Averia Collar is safe for people and animals, and that it doesn’t interfere with other electronic devices.

To meet regulatory requirements and earn the necessary certifications, our team ran countless tests with electromagnetic simulators as well as field tests with dogs in real-world conditions. This was tiring to the humans at Averia, but the dogs helping us test couldn’t get enough!

After rigorous testing, we engaged with a certification laboratory to put Averia Collar through a series of official certification exams. The certification lab tested Averia Collar for electronic interference, hazardous materials, recyclability, toxic chemicals, energy efficiency, and more. Fortunately, our team’s hard work paid off, and we passed each test with flying colors! We’re proudly certified for FCC, CEC, CA65, TPCH, DOE, MSDS, and UN38.3 compliance.

That’s a pretty technical way to say: Averia Collar is certifiably safe and eco-friendly for dogs, dog owners, and non-owners-but-still-dog-lovers alike. It’s just another way Averia Collar is built for worry-free adventure.

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