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How the Collar Got Its Colors

Oct 20, 2022
How the Collar Got Its Colors

When designing Averia Collar, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with an all-black color, but also wanted options available for the people and pets who like to showcase their personalities. Picking product colors isn’t as simple as it sounds, so we wanted to give you an inside look at how this process played out for our team.

Dogs spend a lot of time outside, and you wouldn’t be happy to see that your dog’s bright red collar faded into bleached orange from sun exposure. If your dog could see color, they’d be upset too. That’s why Averia Collars are UV-resistant—so case color won’t darken or fade over time. To accomplish this, we had to find the perfect combination of material, texture, and color shade.

We started by selecting two colors for our production facility to replicate: the same green we use across Averia’s brand, and a bold, modern red.

The production facility made five cases for each color, each with slight variation in shade. Each case shade was then tested in a machine that simulates various light sources like artificial daylight, ultraviolet light, and lighting commonly used in supermarkets around the world. This process let our team see how different light sources affect our perception of the cases’ colors.


As a final step, the production facility sent us samples so we could see the color variation in person, feel the case textures, and decide which to continue development with. Once we (literally) got our hands on the cases, we chose samples that fit our goals for Averia Collar—sleek and colorful in appearance, but durable and comfortable in performance. We sent our picks back to the manufacturer, and they’ll be used in our first batch of shipments going out to lucky dogs everywhere early next year.

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