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Activate a low-cost monthly or yearly subscription and access additional features designed to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Free Plus
Activity Stats
Set and achieve personalized health goals using the Averia App.
Safe Zones
Create custom virtual fences that allow your pet to roam freely when they’re alone or unattended.
Share your pet’s profile with family, friends, and the dog walker so everyone’s in the loop.
Custom Push Notifications
Choose which notifications you want to receive (and which you don’t).
Live Chat Support
In-app support from Averia at your fingertips.
Advanced Walk Tracking
See more detailed walk statistics, route tracking, and comprehensive walk history.
Alarm Mode
Get notified if your dog leaves a Safe Zone unaccompanied.
Lost Mode
Turn on Lost mode if your dog gets lost. The Collar will begin updating its location more often. Anyone you’ve shared your pet with will be notified and can join the search.
Energy Saving Mode & Battery Diagnostics
Configure your Collar to automatically conserve battery based on your activity.
GPS in 150+ countries
Supported globally by LTE-M and 2G networks.
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Works in over 150 countries worldwide on LTE-M and 2G networks

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